Guelph Renewable Energy Co-operative

About GRECo
Community Co-operative

Guelph Renewable Energy Co-Operative Inc. began nearly 6 years ago as a volunteer community organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy, specifically solar. After exploring several possible models, we recently incorporated as a not-for-profit co-operative, and have partnered with Options for Green Energy to participate in a Community Wealth Fund that uses project surpluses to incubate new alternative energy projects here in Guelph and around the province.

Here is a brief introduction to our dedicated Board of Directors:

Member Biographies

Mark Bailey - President / Chair

Mark Bailey was recently re-elected to the Upper Grand District School Board for his second term as a public school trustee. Mark is currently a Regional Vice-President with the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA), Chair of the Editorial Board for Education Today Magazine, and Co-Chair of OPSBA's Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom Committee. Mark owns a small Information Technology business that employs 4, and has been in business for 12 years. He holds an MDiv from the Toronto School of Theology (Wycliffe College).

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Steve Dyck - Vice President

Steve Dyck is President of GRECo Mechanical Inc. an energy conservation company with expertise in development of commercial solar thermal applications. Prior to starting this business, Steve worked as project manager for Bodycote-Exova, setting up automotive engine testing facilities in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Steve is member of CanSIA, and as a member of the solar thermal caucus provides policy analysis to Provincial and Federal ministries regard solar initiatives and programs.

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David Kupp

David Kupp is a specialist in community development, poverty and organizational change. He has extensive experience in project design and evaluation, with a background in appropriate technology and environmental assessment, having worked as a researcher, trainer and facilitator in over 25 countries. David is a consultant with Kabisa International, and lectures in Urban and International Development at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

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Susan Healey

Susan Healey is a consultant with a Guelph firm that works with public sector and non-profit organizations on results-based management, program monitoring and evaluation, organizational development, strategic planning and training. Susan has also worked in the municipal public sector in Canada and did community development work in Latin America (Bolivia) for 7 years. Her interests include sustainability, community development and participatory planning.

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Mark Colvin

Mark Colvin is a chartered Accountant at BDO Canada LLP in Guelph.  He has been assisting small business startup over the past 6 years.  Mark also has not-for-profit board experience being a member of Guelph Environmental Leadership and Guelph Youth Basketball Association board of directors.  Mark is also very enthusiastic about solar energy already installing a solar thermal and 5 kW photovoltaic system on his own house.

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Pierre Fogal

Pierre Fogal is a senior research associate working in the Physics Department at the University of Toronto. He is currently an InterChange Canada fellow on secondment to Environment Canada. Among other things he manages the Polar Environment Research Laboratory (PEARL) for the Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change (CANDAC) at Eureka, Nunavut. His research focus is the determination of atmospheric composition through the study of how molecules in the atmosphere absorb and emit infrared radiation. He is a participant in several efforts in Canada and abroad that conduct research into atmospheric composition and its role in pollution and climate change.

Pierre was born and raised in Guelph and has lived here most of his life. He spent 17 years living and working in Denver, Colorado. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Denver in 1994.

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Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez is an independent researcher and consultant in rural and international development with 30 years of experience. He has worked with NGOs, the FAO of the United Nations, consulting firms, and was a professor of Capacity Development and Extension at the University of Guelph. He is also on the board of FarmStart.

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