Guelph Renewable Energy Co-operative


On December 14th the Ontario Power Authority reopened the window to "small" scale solar Feed In Tariff applications - projects between 10 and 500 kilowatts. The announcement stated that the window would only be open until January 18th, a much briefer window than most in the solar community anticipated. The assumption is that the window was created to be brief enough to provide enough time to process applications before a possible spring provincial election.

These new FIT "2.0" rules provide capacity for 200 MegaWatts of solar energy production, 25 MegaWatts of which is set aside specifically for community owned projects. To be eligible for this 'set-aside' quota, community co-operatives need to demonstrate a sworn membership of at least 50 landowners in the municipal tier in which the project is being considered.

Guelph Renewable Energy Co-operative is currently working with three potential partners on a total of seven possible projects. Our two most likely projects are on the roofs of the Orchard Park building at St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre and of the Barzotti Woodworking building on Watson Rd. To be eligible to be prioritized for being awarded both projects, GSCC must demonstrate community membership of at least 50 landowners in both Guelph and Wellington Counties (St. Ignatius is officially located in Wellington County).

The Guelph Renewable Energy Co-operative is currently incorporated as a not-for-profit co-operative whose stated mission is to increase Guelph's energy production through the microgeneration of solar energy. We have been working for more than six years on possible models, and see the current FIT application window as the greatest opportunity we have been presented with to bring significant community owned solar production capacity to Guelph.

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